Friday, June 08, 2012

Fred here. I'm in Dubai. It's totally hot here and it's only June. Had a really strange experience. I was ripped off in Joyce and then in Bagram. Then I e-mailed a friend of mine Jack. Well Jack not thinking sent the e-mail to David and then he thought I wanted to leave Afghanistan. The whole thing spin out of control. What I'm thinking this was a paranormal thing. Like telling me it's time to leave. It's just too weird. What are the odds of getting ripped off twice. I came back from lunch and put my IPod under my pillow like I have done before. When I came back from the DFAC it was gone. I completely lost it. I think this is what was supposed to happen so I would leave. I have this business opportunity back in the USA so maybe this is what it's about. Or maybe it's Dan telling me it's time to leave before I die. I would like to think it's Dan looking out for me. I'm telling you this was the weirdest thing I have ever gone through. Going to Turkey tomorrow. Then I hope to get back into Afghanistan to get my stuff and get the hell out of there. Fred Out.