Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fred here. I guess I need to update my blog . Everybody's blogging now. I don't know how people have the time to read all the stuff that's out there. Any way this is my big prediction all the billions and billions of dollars that is pouring into the red cross and other agencies, is the poor really going to be helped? I think not! I predict that after a year, the poor and homeless will still be poor and homeless. The money will trickle out some, but only the very smart and aggressive will ever receive any money. It will evaporate into the hands of the greedy. It happened on 9/11 efforts and it will happen here. The 2000 dollars their handing out now is probably the most anyone is ever to get. There's going to be so much paper work and hoops to go through, most people are going to give up. Then there's no banks ATM's internet, etc to even cash their checks. The smart one's will get rich and the poor will stay poor. Were so ignorant. The whites are cleansing their souls about helping the blacks, poor and homeless. What a joke. Try bringing up tracking all the money. Why isn't this being brought up? Track the money. This is what needs to be done. OUT.