Tuesday, May 04, 2004

This is the way Portland looks most of the time.

Fred Checking in. Posting this on my new super multimedia Dell Laptop. 3 gig HT Pentium processor. 80 gig hard drive 512 mb memory. Wide screen display. Doesn't have six pin fire wire though. Can't seem to handle high end camera's. Apple still leads the way on multimedia
Also you almost have to have 20 20 vision to be able to read anything on the display. I have the resolution set at 1280 by 800. Any higher then things really get to small. The DPI is set to normal 96. Also the aspect ratio gets off if you set the resolution to in-between settings. This causes the display to be squashed. Other than this it's pretty neat. Has all kinds of fun thing you can do with it. DVD RW CD RW, Cyber link for remote control. Can Play multimedia stuff off your TV with remote control. More latter