Wednesday, March 03, 2004

This is your local Portland reporter checking in. The big Breaking news this morning is Gay marriage is legal in the Portland area. Gays are lined up at the Multnoma court house to receive their marriage licenses. This is pretty strange because Oregon is so strong in it's belief in God and country. Then again it is pretty liberal in many other ways. In other news, it has began to rain again. So what's new! This is Fred signing out for now.

This is another old picture of my brother filming a commercial about trash along the road side

This is Fred reporting live again from Greham, Oregon. There's some late breaking news. I just spotted a UFO hovering outside my living room window. It was amazing. I waved to them and they gave me a four thumbs up. I will be reporting on this as more information comes in.

Zuma beach in Southern Calif. with Dave Cuttler and me

An old '57' Chevy that was around for along time.

This was from a long time ago at my parents house when they were gone!

I just got back from Telluride,so I thought you would like to see the town.

I'am trying to get a back button to work

This is Fred Minick reporting in. There is some Breaking news. I have my blogger working and linked from my Web-Site. Check it out at The weather is pretty good at this time. Nothing more to report at this time. I'am out.

I took this picture of my friend

Trying to get the Archiving to work

I'am testing out something here

This is Fred Minick reporting to you live from beautiful downtown Gresham Oregon. There isn't much going on today, except setting up this Blogger site. I will be reporting any late breaking news to you daily. Stay tuned and stay alert.